Tendon Injuries

Tendon injuries can be caused by a sudden stress or trauma and also by untreated inflammation and degeneration.

The tendons perform a very important function within the body, connecting the ends of the muscles to the bones. Unlike the muscles, the tendons degenerate very slowly and if severely damaged, may not degenerate at all.

Of the numerous tendons in the foot, the Achilles tendon is the most frequently ruptured.

Other tendons such as the peroneal tendons can be injured but unlike the Achilles they are more prone to splitting than rupturing completely. Such injuries often require surgical repair.


As there are so many structures in the foot and ankle that are at risk of being injured, it is important to seek early specialist advice. Often, the worst thing one can do with a significant “sprain” is to ignore it. Walking off the pain usually just doesn’t work and can reduce long term healing. With appropriate treatment, following foot and ankle injuries, it is possible to return to normal activities faster and long term problems can be prevented.










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