Running Shoe Advice

Running shoe technology has come on leaps and bounds since the early days of shoes designed for competitive runners and with this has come a bewildering choice of shoes aimed at specific types of feet or running styles.

A good shoe needs to combine efficient shock absorption as the foot strikes the ground and then provide a stable platform on which to allow the body to pass over it for efficient forward movement. Some shoe manufacturers have identified commonly seen variations in the human foot type and designed different running shoes to help assist normal running mechanics. Reputable running shoe stores usually stock these brands.

A pronated foot type tends to be one which has a flattened arch appearance and usually, but not always, gives rise to torsion through the shin bone affecting the position and control of the knee and hip joints.

A more highly arched foot tends to be more stable and adept at keeping the lower limb aligned well but is generally not such a good shock absorber. This foot type can be associated with impact type injuries and even stress fractures. Amongst other things it is advisable to look at a shoe with very good cushioning in this instance.









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